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Save Money While Heating Your Home (Part I)

As winter drags on and the temperatures continue to fluctuate, (it was over 60 degrees yesterday!) you may find that heating costs are beginning to add up. Nobody likes to wake up cold or dress for the outdoors while inside the home. Conserving heat doesn’t have to resort to that.

Here are 5 (out of 10) tips to keep your heat up and your energy costs down:

  1. Choose a programmable thermostat
    The thing about people is that there’s always that margin of human error. You’ve already left for work and you remember ‘Oops! I forgot to turn down the heat’. If your thermostat is programmed, it will automatically take care of that responsibility for you.
  2. Divide your home into heating zones
    Most homes are not fully occupied all the time. Heating every room in the house at all times can quickly add up. Consider installing multiple heating units so you can divide your home into zones. Many people do this by floor, or by common areas in the house.
  3. Lower the heat at night
    Consider this: Heating costs are highest at night, due to lower temperatures outside. Once your family is snuggled warmly under their blankets, it may just pay for you to have the heat lowered a bit.
  4. Space heaters can keep you warm and happy
    Giving your central heating system a break can translate into a break in costs as well. Space heaters can be used in individual rooms and will cost less, while  still heating up the surrounding area quickly. (Note: be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions to maintain safety in your home.)
  5. Ceiling fans: the other side of the story
    Ceiling fans can be used to aid in heating your home. The warm air that rises and become trapped up there. By reversing your fans direction, you can bring some of that air back down. If your home has high ceilings, this will work even better.

Stay tuned for the last 5 tips, they’ll be posted tomorrow!

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