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Insulation FAQs

Are you certified to do home energy audits?

BPI GoldStar Certified ContractorYes! Highland Contractors is a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Accredited contractor & a NYSERDA Home Performance with Energy StarĀ® participating Gold Star Contractor. Learn more here.

What types of insulation are available?

Insulation is made from a variety of materials, but most importantly, the material it is made of does not allow heat energy to pass through it easily – or in others words, a poor heat conductor. Insulation used in homes in the Rochester NY area and in most cold climates usually come in four types: fiberglass rolls or “batts,” loose-fill materials – usually made from recycled materials, rigid foam and liquid foam sprayed in place to solidify as rigid foam.

Do pipes and air ducts need insulating?

This depends on the application of a pipe or duct however insulation is normally used to cover water pipes in exterior walls, duct work in walls or in the attic, metal or fiberglass tanks that hold hot water (this is known as mechanical insulation). Insulation used this way is typically insulates and controls temperatures where such objects are exposed to a much broader range of high and low temperatures. Mechanical insulation is used to limit heat gain or loss when operating at temperatures above or below ambient temperature. When applied properly, mechanical insulation can provide long term energy savings.